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Top Dogs

Top Dogs

Our clients might think we are the bosses of this company but they are so far for the truth, but let me introduce to you the faces of the real bosses of this company.

Hayle! She is a Shiz Shuz and she is almost thirteen which means she is the oldest of the two. We brought her home one month after we got married and she has been a joy ever since. She loves to play with her toys but she hasn’t not figure it out yet that she need to let go of the toy in order for us to throw it so she can go get it, crazy girl! She is our lap dog and if you let her she will cuddle with you all day.

Saydes! She is a Shiz Shuz also and she is almost eleven and she is the youngest but is the biggest boss between the two. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and she has been quite a trip ever since. According to her, we were put here on earth for her, we are her property. She is full of spirit and would play all day if we would play with her.  She is very sweet but when she get an attitude watch out because she will find something to get into just to let us know she is upset.

They are the true bosses of our company and home!!

Question: Who the true boss in your home?


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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Do you sometimes wonder what kind of paint to use?

This is our Professional Opinion:

In our 26 years of painting we have seen a lot of paint, some good some not so good. Homeowners need to learn to educate themselves on paint, and in my opinion paint stores that sell paint and only paint is the best place to ask, or ask your pofessional painter, if you have one. Lately I have been doing some reading on what paint is the best, and according to the consumers report -they say “Benjamin Moore Regal Select Eggshell is very good overall, except when it comes to surface smoothness. Behr’s Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel is also very good overall, but it gets a poor for gloss change.”

Our company perfers to use Sherwin Williamsand Diamond Vogel, because in our experience they have very good paint. We ourselves prefer Cashmere and Superpaint for the interior and Superpaint for the exterior in Sherwin Williams paint and we prefer PermAcryl for interior and Sure Grip exterior primer and Weather-plate for exterior in Diamond Vogel Paint – in our experience these are just as good, cover very nice, cost less and last long. As we continue to grow as a company we continue to reseach different products because we strive to supply our clients the best in products and services.

We want to tell you one of the many stories we have about the difference in paint brands. We painted the outside of a house and the homeowners wanted to get their own paint (the famous words I want to save money) so we did labor only, we did two coats and later we got a call that it looked blotchy. We went and looked at it and explained why we feel it turn out that way (some companies water down their paint so it don’t cover as well and can turn out looking horrible but that’s how they can sell it cheap). We then end up using paint from Sherwin Williams and went over it and the blotchiness went away, so there is one difference.

We are not saying that you have to go with the most expensive paint brand but we are saying educate yourself, do some research yourself and if you have a professional painter that you trust ask them they should lead you down the right path, just because the commercial says it’s great doesn’t always mean it. There is a lot of places to get paint all the home stores, local hardware stores, over the internet and then your local paint stores like Sherwin Williams, Diamond Vogel, ICI, Pittsburgh paint, etc. I always tell the homeowner please ask me if you have questions.

Question: Let us know if you have had any paint jobs turn bad and if so what happened?


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Blend In or Stick Out


Reason why your paint might not match

Have you ever tried to touch up an area on a wall with paint and end up seeing where you touch up – here are some reasons why that might have happened:


  1. If you had to have your color matched by the paint store because you don’t have the paint color name (you didn’t have the original paint can or you didn’t record the paint color somewhere to find later)
  2. If you mix your color in a different brand than the original paint
  3. If you mix your color in a different sheen (if the sheen on your wall is flat and you got eggshell it will look different because of the difference in sheen)
  4. If the wall gets a lot of sun light and you have a flat sheen or even a eggshell your paint color could of fade over time
  5. If the paint on your walls are the original paint from when it was built it probably was applied by a paint sprayer (when paint goes through a paint sprayer it breaks the paint down so it looks different on a wall compared to rolling on the paint)


  1. Make sure you keep records of the paint you use in your home so you don’t have to have the paint store match it. (it is wonderful that paint stores can match paint but they cannot guarantee that it will be exactly the same color. If you have to have it match plan on painting that wall for corner to corner and because the paint store can get it very close to the originally you should be able to not see a different from the other walls
  2. Make sure you mix your color in the same brand as was use the first time
  3. Make sure you mix your color in the same sheen as was use the first time
  4. For the wall that might be faded there is no way to get around that you will have to repaint the whole wall but still make sure you use the same brand and sheen are the first time so it looks the same as the other walls that are not faded
  5. Now if this is the original paint there is really no way to touch up the paint without noticing. What you can do is if you have a house built have the painter spray some paint back into an empty paint can so you can touch up areas.

Now depending on how long ago the wall was painted you might not be able to touch up no matter what you do because it has just normal wear and fade which no matter what you will not be able to touch up without noticing. What you can do if you don’t want to paint the whole room or can’t afford to paint the whole room is just to repaint that wall from corner to corner but once again make sure you use the same brand and sheen so you can minimize the difference for the fresh painted wall to the old walls.

Remember to always keep a record of what brand, sheen and color was used in your house so that you can void 1, 2, and 3 above. One last thing if you hire a professional painter ask them to leave you some paint for touch up and label the can on what rooms it goes with.

Question: Have you tried touching up an area and if so did it blend in or could you see where you touch up? If it didn’t blend in was it the original color, brand and sheen or did you try to match it?

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Why We are a Diamond and not Cubic Zirconia

Reasons why you need Triple Diamond Properties to do your project and the reasons you won’t be disappointed in hiring a top notch company like ours.

Interior and Exterior painting

  1. We pay attention to details
  2. We are set on quality workmanship (no paint on any woodwork or flooring)
  3. We make sure our mess is cleaned up daily (put things out of the way and harmful materials out of reach of kids)
  4. We do our own work as a company so it’s done right the first time (some bigger companies  never  interact with the homeowners until job is done; we are always there)
  5. We keep up with the latest information on interior and exterior paint so we can offer the client the best paint out there, for that perfect finish they are looking for.
  6.  We are members of the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors Of America) which helps us keep up with all the latest technology and techniques
  7. We are a professional company with more than 26 years of experience in a trade we take pride in
  8. We stand behind our exterior painting projects


  1. We bring in hanging crew to get the job done quickly (if its small we do it ourselves)
  2. We clean all sheetrock out and cover any doorways to minimize the dust
  3. We give you nice straight corners; we use fast drying mud on cornerbead to make it harder to crack in the end
  4. When job is done we pick up paper which kept floor clean and shop vac up remaining dust


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Miss Kitty

Please meet Miss Kitty;  she is just one of the many little characters we have the pleasure meeting on our projects.

Miss Kitty

She was full of energy and loved to get into mischief. In this picture she wanted to get into the half bathroom that we were painting. Since we wouldn’t let her come in she decided to play outside the bathroom door on the rugs. She was a lot of fun to watch but we had to keep one eye on her the whole time!

Our policies in regards to pets is this:

  • It is best that our clients kennel their pets when we paint inside and the reason why is:
    •  We can get done with our job faster if we are not keeping an eye on the pet
    • The pet can lean up against a fresh wet wall and get paint on their fur and mess up the wall
    • The pet could walk in our paint trays or their tails can get in the paint tray
    • If you have a Pitbull or Rottweiler we do require them to be kennel while we are doing the project
    • For Exterior Painting – We have not had too much problem with pets but if they can be tied up we would prefer that so again they don’t get into the paint or lean up against it.

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Olson Project – Interior Painting

The before and after interior painting pictures of the house that we did this past week. This client wanted to get rid of the dark colors in some rooms and go neutral to lighten up the space.

The steps we take before we start painting:

  • Remove outlet and light switch covers
  • Mask off base with tape and paper to prevent from paint splatter
  • Cover the floor with a cloth canvas as we paint to protect your floor
  • Primer (Not always needed)
  • Top Coat – Paint
    • The reason why we       do this is because if you just cut around the outlet or light switch       cover you could paint a seal around it and then when you would want to       remove it, it could tear your drywall which than would require to be fixed.       Also it looks better because you have a cleaner finish

Primer: With the Olson job we did 1 coat of primer because their walls had a very dark color on it and they wanted to go a much lighter color. By doing this we save you money because primer cost less than finish coat and by doing the primer we can cut down on how many top coats of paint we will need to do to cover the existing paint color which saves you on our labor.

Top Coat (Paint): With this project we were able to do only 1 coat of top coat (paint) to cover over the primer and old paint color. Now it is very hard to determine sometime on how many top coats it will take to cover an existing color. For many bold, deep and vibrant hue you might need to prime with a grey primer color in order for the color to come out the way it should and it also goes the same when you want to cover over a bold, deep, vibrant hue. To find out which ones might need a grey primer you can ask the paint store (they should be able to tell you) or on the back of the paint card it should say if it will need a grey primer.

-Here is one of the sources we use to continue education ourselves  in our profession and where you can read more about when and how to prime Sherwin Williams

Have you ever painted over a dark or bright color and if so how many coats of paint did you need and did you prime before or not?

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Medical Arts Bldg – Suite 1/Removal of Wallpaper

Started another remodeling job that we will have to do lots of work with it. First step is that we removed the wallpaper in four exam rooms,hallways,doctors office,lab room, storage room, and reception area to get ready for skim coating. This is just the start stay tuned for what we are doing next,it’s going to be good to keep up with this one.

Here is the before and after pictures of the wallpaper on, then removed. For more pictures visit our websites gallery

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Wallpaper Tip 1

Wall Prep Before Hanging Wallpaper

Before you hang wallpaper over new installed drywall you need to make sure you prime the walls first. The reason why this need to be done is because if you don’t apply the primer first than when you want to remove the wallpaper you will remove the top layer of the drywall which will require alot of repairing before you can process with your new finish.

Sherwin Williams agrees that you should prime before applying.

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Tool Room – Week 1

Finish of week 1 for the Tool Room. We insulated the exterior walls and framed in new walls and a framed in closet, next step is drywall. First we need to wait for electrician and heating contractor to do the electrical and run heat ducts. What a difference so far just by getting it clean out from the stuff that was in there to now with just the walls studded in.

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Tool Room

We’ve been renovating this house for the last 4 weeks. Now we are going to transform the old tool room by stud in new interior walls, insulate, drywall and interior painting. Follow us from start to finish and see how much of a change it will be! Than once the plumbers are done we will put back together the basement bathroom and kitchen.

This is what the tool room looks like before we start!

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